Diana was born and raised in Galati, Romania. At a very early age, she discovered her great passion for drawing. She started drawing before even being able to speak, and her talent was quickly noticed by her parents, teachers and friends.  

For as long as she can remember, Diana has been inspired about people, structures and catching movements. Since the very beginning, Diana has shown a particular analytical spirit, which made it easier for her to perceive forms as well as to peruse the structure and depth of the plastic element.   

At the age of 11, she joined the Fine Arts Highschool ‘’Dimitrie Cuclin’’ in her hometown of Galati, Romania and has spent the following 8 years studying drawing, painting and ceramics. Apart from this, Diana is also specialised in Art History, Shapes and Colours, Artistic Drawing and Composition.

"For me, art is the expression of feelings, emotions, epiphany. shortly, a lyrical explosion."

Diana’s way of painting is full of substance and musicality. The spontaneous verve is present everywhere, her brush freely and joyfully covers the entire canvas, leaving behind touches made up not only of light, but also of air. 

Diana boasts of virtuous technical skills and a remarkable sense of colours. It is with ease that she approaches different plastic themes, such as still-life, free compositions with a high degree of difficulty at the colour level, portrait and human figure studies. 

She succeeded in acquiring and perfecting her pictorial technique, currently creating real poems through colours. Starting from the simple range of colours approached as a plastic dilemma, she amplifies and develops the range of coloured greys, chromatically orchestrates the entire ensemble, using colours with great accuracy. 

The main areas are emphasized by the dominant colour, the dynamism and freshness of the brush touch, bringing a note of technical virtuosity, which can be noticed in her current work.

"Whenever I draw, I try to assess and process every detail given by nature, so as to build shapes and articulate them compositionally"